Best Tips for Flying

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Traveling a lot certainly has its perks.  I’ve seen so much of the world and have a better understanding and appreciation for who I am and how great my life is.  However, flying can get pretty tedious and exhausting.  I’ve learned a few things to make all that time spent in an airplane 30,000 feet in the air for hours on end a little more bearable.  I’m hoping they might improve your in flight experience as well, and that these lessons I learned weren’t in vain.

  •   Drink LOTS of water
    • I know you think this is crazy talk.  I did too.  I mean, who wants to have to crawl over people you don’t know approximately 1 million times in order to cram yourself into a space you can barely turn around in to let out all the water you’re pouring into your body.  But before you stop reading, let me tell you why.  Water is one of the most powerful weapons you can use against jet lag.  If you want to enjoy where you’re going, bottoms up.  Don’t waste the first couple of days in a sleep coma because you didn’t listen to me.  Promise it’s worth it.  (Here’s another tip: pick the aisle seat.  Then you lose the crawling over people when you have to go, and you’re free to drink all the water you’d like!)
  • Eat FRESH
    • No, this isn’t a commercial for Subway.  This is a little embarrassing, but I developed my first hemorrhoid from all the sitting on an airplane combined with eating junk. Don’t be me. When you’re in the airports, grab the salad.  Fresh fruit is always a good option to take along as well.  Make sure you’re not just putting crap in, or you’ll feel pretty awful.  And then you’ll develop other problems as well.  (Another tip within a tip: if you end up with the same problem as me, skip the hemorrhoid creams.  Not only are they gross and messy, they just treat the symptoms, not the problem.  For the best relief from hemorrhoids that I’ve found, give Venapro a try.  It’s 100% homeopathic too, which is great for your body.  All you have to do is swallow a few capsules and a spray under your tongue.  Easy, peasy!)
  • Stock up on Entertainment
    • Fill up your iPad or tablet with movies.  Pack a book or a magazine.  Put some new games on your phone.  Whatever you need to bust boredom, stock up on it.  And then add some more.  Of course, you don’t want to be dragging a 100 lb pack through the airport either, so use some common sense.  That’s what makes electronics so great – they can serve as a one stop shop for entertainment.  I never feel like anything heavy while I’m hurdling through the sky, so I try to keep my choices light and as brain-dead as I can.  But I do love a good Sudoku puzzle too.
  • Get to the airport early
    • But not TOO early.  There’s a delicate balance.  Don’t start your trip out running through security like a banshee.   But don’t get there so early that you’ll burn up a movie or two before you even get on the plane. The most important thing is to get your bags checked in 2 hours before the flight if you’re traveling internationally.  One of my favorite things to do is check in my bags 2-3 hours before the flight, and then bounce out of the airport until about 45 minutes before my flight.  Gives me some time outside of the airport, but my bags are sure to arrive, and I have plenty of time to grab a Starbucks before I board the plane.
  • Walk Around
    • Get up and move.  It’s good for you.  You’ll feel better.  Just don’t be that person that grabs the back of everyone’s seat as they walk, lurching them backwards.  SO not cool.
    • If you go in with flexibility as the key, your travel day will go swimmingly.  Just remember your awesome destination, and be excited that you’re in the process of getting there, quickly!  Be kind to everyone you encounter, and they will most likely be kind back.  Plus, you’re putting some good out there that’s bound to come back to you somewhere along your journey!

I hope this will help some of you who are getting ready for your journeys of a lifetime.  Travel is awesome, and it’s definitely something I’ve gotten to be really good at.  Let me know if you’d like to know even more of my pro tips – I’m happy to share what I’ve learned along the way!



My Newest Obsession

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I’ve been zipping all over the globe lately, loving and living life.

I just got back from a week and a half stint in Southern Europe.  It was simply incredible.

Traveling definitely has its perks.  Airport food does not.

I’ve seen some of the most amazing sunsets from places I’ve only read about in books.

I’ve met some of the most incredible people.

I’ve done new exciting things I could have never dreamed of.

I’ve also eaten more awful airport food than I ever care to remember.  What is it about airports that attracts such incredibly bad food choices?

It’s been getting a little more difficult to button my pants these days.  A few too many fast food burgers on the run were catching up to me.  My Air Yeezys are still rockin’ it, of course, but I’ve got to keep all of me looking good.

Just this past weekend, my friend recommended a meal replacement shake to me called IdealShape.  I’ve never been a huge fan of any skinny shake myself, so I was hesitant to give it a try.  They’re just not my style.

He finally mixed one up for me, and I hesitantly took a sip.

I was blown away.  Seriously.

Every preconceived notion and ill thought about skinny shakes in my head was banished.

The chocolate flavor is to die for.  And it satisfied my hunger.  Never would have guessed it.

So now while I’m jet-setting all over the globe, I will be taking my skinny shake with me.

So long, gross airport food.  IdealShape is a great travel companion.

And my pants are fitting better than ever now too.

Don’t get me wrong, my Air Yeezy’s are still precious to me and will always be number one in my book.

IdealShape is just becoming my number two.

It starts with the shoes, people – but it’s all about who’s filling them.  And I fully intend to be the best me I can possibly be.




The Three Things I Never Travel Without

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I’ve found that really living and loving life comes with a lot of suitcase packing. There’s so much of the world to see and experience. To keep things simple, I keep a set of my must-haves already packed and ready to hit the road. Here’s a sneak peek inside my travel bag:


1. My Air Yeezy 2’s

Did you really think I could leave these behind? The catalyst for the change in my life perspective? No way! And yes, I have a travel pair. It’s so cool to me to know that there’s part of the earth from all over the world on the soles of these shoes. It makes them even more inspiring to me.

2. My Sleep Aids

I don’t go anywhere without a bottle of Melatonin and my earplugs. It’s also kind of embarrassing, but I would never leave my anti snoring device called Good Morning Snore Solution behind. No snoring equals a much better night’s sleep, which means I have a much better time exploring the world come sunrise.

3. Zip top baggies

You can use these for everything imaginable. From collecting sand and shells for souvenirs to protecting my electronics and valuables, I’ve used these for more than you can imagine. They don’t take up much space, but it’s certainly something I’d never leave home without!


Hopefully this short list will help you be a world adventurer as well, and live life to the fullest with less stress!